Once I saw a meme that said: “The Human body is 80% water. We are basically cucumbers with anxiety.”

Jokes a part, the amount of water in the human body ranges from 45-75%. The average adult human body is up to 65% water, averaging around 57-60%. The percentage of water in infants is much higher, typically around 75-78% water, dropping to 65% by one year of age.

But Water is also a magical element, she is the keeper of ancient secrets, she is a wisdom holder, knowledge carrier, and a sacred teacher.

I use she and her to refer to water because to me, she has a beautiful Goddess frequency. A while back I was talking about water and how ancient civilizations used water to store information. In this post I would like to share (again in small doses), the information I have received from my Guides regarding the knowledge that she carries. When you drink water, you are not only hydrating your body, but you are also assimilating information. It is the same with food but with water the assimilation process is generally quicker.

Water can store any type of frequency, from a lower distorted energy to a higher and loving one. You may have read of the work with water by Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto. He obtained scientific evidence of how the molecular structure in water transforms when it is exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions.

This may be news to us, today. But in ancient times, our ancestors knew that water could carry any type of information and they used Her to store their most sacred knowledge. The truth is that (at least from my perspective and knowledge) we are not going to find scrolls or written texts from the times of Lemuria and Atlantis, not because our ancestors were ape like beings with limited skills, but because they were more advanced of our current civilizations and they wanted to store the most sacred and powerful knowledge in a way that only human beings with a certain frequency and codes could access it, in the future. They downloaded information in the land, and they stored sacred knowledge and wisdom in the water and this water is safe and kept well hidden by the Powerful energy of Mother Earth.

When you think about all that has been done to the planet so far, with the excuse of advancement in technology and progress, see how many holes have been created in the ground, how many sacred sites have been closed down and people prevented from accessing them, how many companies are trying to manipulate water and make Her inaccessible to many (or accessible but under certain conditions, like payment or bribery), how many resources have been destroyed manipulated in the hand of selfish, greedy and malicious sociopaths? It is not only about greed, possession and accumulation of power and money. A small number of people want to access this information stored in the land and in water and they will try any means possible to do so, by following the Machiavellian notion that the end justifies the means, or in this case the end they want justifies their means.

But rest assured that they cannot and will not be able to access any information, simply because they do not have the codes, the frequency and the receptivity to see, hear, feel, know, understand the wisdom our ancient mothers have left us.

We carry this knowledge in our DNA, in our energy field, we can access it by communing with water at any time. As a woman, I can tell you that during my menstrual cycle, I become more receptive to hear the Water speak. It is a skill all women have, a code or a gift that was passed down from generation to generation, through the maternal lineage.

The blood between your thighs, the tears from our eyes, the blood that runs through your veins, the water you hold in your body resonate at a certain frequency. The higher the frequency, the more receptive you become to the water around you and the knowledge it carries.

In a nutshell, this is all I want to share now.

Keep doing your inner work, keep raising your frequency, because this is not just about your personal journey, this is also about creating a life where cooperation, interconnectedness with other living beings will usher us into a new golden age.

In Love and Grace


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