Remember, part 2

The Sacredness of Water and Land

I have been listening patiently and quietly for some time. The information comes forth in pieces and at random times. I have pieced together some of the information that have been passed on to me through the last year or so.

I did not share until now but as we are in “precedented times”, I thought this was a good time to start sharing again.
In my previous post, I briefly said that there are certain areas on Earth, that have been targeted because of the energy that is underneath the ground and in the water. There are powerful energetic portals that are sought by lower frequency beings with the purpose of harnessing and manipulating their power, but also to close them off from humanity. This may seem a negative occurrence, but these portals or centers will not be of any use to these individuals.

The information stored in these points can only be accessed by beings with a certain frequency and holders of certain codes. Many human beings are holding these frequencies and carrying these codes in matter (DNA) and energy (Aura).
When these portals are physically blocked, they can still be accessed energetically.
I will post in small doses as I do not want to overwhelm or confuse you with too much information. Please note that everything I am sharing comes from my connection with Goddess, as every channel knows, certain info will become clearer with time and more knowledge will be revealed when humans are ready.

We start with the land.

Please let go of the outdated idea that ancient civilizations were primitive and naïve. In ancient times, our ancestors had knowledge of things that in this current “technologically advanced” era, we cannot even dream of.
Our ancestors knew how energy works, they knew the secrets of the mind, the heart and the mystery of the Divine. They knew science, medicine, technology…. They had a very advanced knowledge of the cosmos.

When we look at the way people have struggled for centuries to find information left behind by ancient civilizations, it is easier to understand why we have found so little and why what has been found is kept hidden and/or inaccessible.
Our ancestors were smart, and so they downloaded the information in plain sight and the key to access this knowledge is not something that can be made, it is something you hold within you, already.

They used the land has a computer if you will. They downloaded all their wisdom and knowledge in the Sacred Earth. Mother Earth is alive and when you know how to connect with her (every human being should be able to do so), exchanging information becomes routine. A bit like talking to your friends and family, exchanging information or simply connecting.
These high energy spots on Earth, have a huge storage of information. To access it, you need to be receptive and ready, and you become ready by doing your inner work, when you reach a certain level of understanding and when your heart is open enough so that you are not driven by lower instincts but by higher wisdom.

I cannot stress enough how important your inner work and your connection to Mother Earth is.

Whatever is your practice, your meditation, your sacred rituals you have to keep going. Practice every day, move deeper and deeper within you. That is the only way to find that connection, your path and the way back home.

And so, in these weird and unsettling times, when forces are trying to disconnect you, you can reach within you and find your strength, your wisdom, and courage to walk your path and access this knowledge with Grace and with Love.

As you may know already, some of these places are all around the world. If you cannot access them physically at this time, you can still connect with the land where you are and create an energetic connection to various portals around the world. This work is for those who want to access that knowledge, and ancient wisdom. If this is your path you may have found already a way to connect with this knowledge. You carry the codes within you.
There are energetic connections running through the entire planet. Some of them are called lay lines, but there are many more. Many realized beings who have walked on Earth have downloaded their wisdom and knowledge in the land, where you may walk every day.
That is why, in my earlier post I asked you to spend some time reconnecting with Mother Earth.

There are places around the world, that to us look like ancient ruins. Some of them are veiled, hidden to the naked eye, with energy. They are not ruins, they are not underground, but we can only see them still intact and in their full glory when we are ready to see them and of course we get ready by doing our inner work.

To be continued…

Any questions please feel free to reach out.

Michela xo

© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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