Mother Kali

This story has come to mind many times during the last 12 months.
Am I the only one thinking that something similar is happening in the world right now?
I don’t think we need to wait for an external Energy to come and save us.
I feel this story is more about the inner energy that is awakening in many people on Earth…
What do you feel?

Michela xo


In one of Mother Kali’s birth stories, a terrible demon was causing a great deal of trouble amongst Humans and Gods. He had this ability to re-produce more demons every time a drop of his blood spilt to the ground. Therefore, each time he was attacked, the result was the birth of more demons. The Gods decided to work together and combine all of their Shakti, the Divine Energy, and give birth to a Powerful Being that could destroy the demons. And so Goddess Kali was born. She had all the sacred weapons of the Gods and She was able to swiftly sought out the evil one and his army and then proceeded to swallow them all. She would lick their blood with Her fierce tongue so they could not replicate. The demon was finally killed when Goddess Kali cut off his head with a sword and then drank all of his blood, making sure none fell to the ground and thereby ensuring no more demons could menace the world.

© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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