Free meditation

Hello Dearest Hearts,

This is a continuation of my previous post.
It is a lovely meditation She asked me to do.
I’d love if you could try and let me know how it feels.

I’ll write more on water and the land during the week between Wednesday and Thursday.


β€πŸ™ Sit down with your hands on your heart and your eyes closed.
Breathe slowly and deeply but without effort.
Sit and relax into the breath, follow the ebbs and flows of your breath.
Do not force it, just observe it and allow yourself to relax and be at peace.
If a thought comes, observe it.
Don’t judge it, don’t push it away.

Let everything be as it is.
When a sound distracts you,
Listen to it
Don’t judge it
Come back to the breath

Breathe and let go of any expectations, any ideas of how everything should be or should go.

Simply sit
And allow yourself to be…

No judgement
No explanations or expectations
No right or wrong….

Spend some time with your breath.
Then when you feel ready, imagine your are walking down a white dirt road, Nature in Her full glory surrounds you. You could find yourself in any season and any time of the day.
Keep walking and feel absolutely accepted, supported and loved by Mother, the Divine or Nature (however you see it).
You come at a cross road, one road goes left and the other one turns right.
You stop, you touch your heart with your left hand and feel the energy of Grace, Strength and Courage arising from within.
How does it feel?
Spend all the time you need here to feel the Strength and Grace of the Divine within.
When you are ready, don’t choose any path.
Don’t go left or right.
Those are the paths that someone else traced before you.
From now on, you’ll have to follow your path, speak your knowledge, your wisdom and your truth.

Your path has not been paved yet.
Your path is new,
Your path is different
Your path is you…

Take a deep breath and with courage and grace walk where there is no path.
You are leading the way for something new (or very ancient) to unfold.
With every step you take
With every heartbeat
With every breath
Your path becomes clear
And you keep going
Because deep within your soul, you know it’s time to surrender and let go of all that is not your truth.

The time has come.

A long time ago, with one hand on your heart and one hand on Her heart, with your eyes looking deep within Hers you promised and
She promised: “Let go and surrender.
I’m here, within you.
You are fearless
You are courageous
You are strong
You are Mother
And your children are waiting for you….”

Take a full deep breath in and slowly breathe out.

Lie down
One hand on your heart
One hand on your womb

Rest for a while and let your wisdom guide you.

When you are ready, before you open your eyes, sit down on the ground and repeat a mantra to seal the meditation.
When I say mantra, I mean a repetition of words that are powerful for you.
It doesn’t have to be a Sanskrit or Buddhist mantra.
Ex: “Goddess Grace surrounds me, Goddess strength supports me, Goddess love guides me”.
Say it 3 times
And feel your body
Move your body a little
and when you are ready you can open your eyes.

Michela xo


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