No path

I have longed for real teachers, the ones who could embrace their humanity and divinity.

I looked for teachers that were not afraid to show the world their human self with all its contradictions, polarity, biases and all that humanity entails; teachers that knew the work that needed to be done and did it no matter what.

I looked for teachers that could embrace and walk their spiritual path, even if it meant losing everything along the way, because they could see beyond the curtains of illusion and duality, the teachers who could see the Divine in the form and the formless.

I found these teachers, in physical form and in spirit. They taught me so much and mainly they showed me how to look deep within my heart so that

I could rest my exhausted body in that infinite ocean of love

I could bathe my wounds in its eternal mystery

I could face myself without judgement

And in the process keep opening my heart until the day comes when Mother calls me back to Her.

The spiritual journey is a powerful process, very difficult at times like walking on the edge of a razor.

Every day I am faced with choices that bring me to the edge and beyond myself and I am aware of that, every step of the way. It’s no longer unconscious or comfortable… but I keep going.

Sometime I fail and fall

Sometimes I succeed

Sometimes I have to retrace my steps back, not to look at the past but so that when I surrender-once again- into the unknown, the leap of faith I need to take will be powerful and long.

And so in the end, I am learning every day to embrace my human self, and to love myself despite all the things that society deems unacceptable and loving the freedom that comes with it.

And I’m learning to walk my spiritual path even if it means finding myself again and again….

It doesn’t matter who sees me, who understands me, who follows me….. the path I’m walking doesn’t exist. I open the way with each step I take, with every breath and every heartbeat.

Michela xo

© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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