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The first part of this post is about theories and stories from sacred texts, and tales passed on through generations that tells us of a time that ”seems” to be so far away in a distant and ancient past. 
The second part is about what I was told. 
I know the first part may seem a bit gloomy but keep reading to the end.  I promise it ends well!

There are theories, myths, legends and stories from sacred tests and sacred voices that tells us of a time when beings arrived on earth from other galaxies and/or different dimensions. 
Elements of these stories can be found in the Zohar, the Nag Hammadi texts, Sumerian religion and also present in ”mythological stories” all around the world. They all basically tell the same story, that beings came from other planets or dimensions to enslave humanity (and unfortunately some of these beings are still here).These lower frequency beings who knew how energy worked, created an environment so that they could force humanity into: – not thinking too much, just learn how to do what they were told- not seeing that there were other realities to what it was shown to them- forgetting their true divine nature…And there is a story in the texts of Eden that is really weird, and it describes how some humans were ”created” to work in the garden of eden; and what this garden really was is a totally different story. But at a certain point these ”gods” were afraid that humanity would soon remember and so they forced human beings to pledge allegiance to them through manipulation and fear, by creating the illusion of separateness and by other means..They imposed their views upon humanity, they wanted to scare them and the worst part is that many human beings (not all) through this oath (made from survival, out of fear) committed to this way of living. Basically, many humans forbade themselves from being free sovereign beings…. and to this day many beings are still under this spell/oath.The energy of the oath was passed through the DNA from one generation to the other for a very long time.

But and this is very Important, so please listen:There were other beings who arrived on earth. They were loving and held a higher frequency. They came to live in harmony, peace and grace with humanity and to teach each others the secrets of ”reality”, about energy and higher states of consciousness, awareness as a constant reminder of who we truly were. We were collaborating, coexisting in total harmony and peace. 
The good news is that not all human beings were manipulated into slavery. Our origin or creation from Sophia or Oneness, however you see it, has left a frequency within us that starts reverberating through our body and energy field when we have to start remembering who we are and why we are here. While some people succumbed to fear and manipulation others rejected it.
Although through the centuries, necessity may have cloaked these free beings from being seeing, and in the process many people forgot who they were, they are still free, we are still free and here now.  We were pushed under the pressure of fear, polarity and survival to forget but why and how this happened I do not fully know and remember yet. What I feel and know is that you may have felt this energy, this frequency code, from Mother, waking up inside you. You may have felt it a little and then lost it many times through your life but it is there and now it is getting stronger, louder and it is very difficult to ignore. That frequency seed you were born with is always there, it cannot be taken away and it cannot be destroyed. It is in you because you simply are. 
Fear, even if it looks and feels so real is just an illusion. You are free, you are loving awareness and whoever makes you feel less than that it is just a flickering image of an illusion that cannot longer sustain itself, and that is why it’s becoming so visible. The moment you know, feel, and remember that frequency code you are holding within, you become, once again, one with Mother, Sophia, Oneness… And the game is over. Be still, centre yourself in your heart and womb, free the mind, connect with your Soul and align yourself with Spirit. Whatever you do and however you do it, it is up to you, there are many beings and there are many paths, and as one of my favourite teachers would say: “we are just walking each other home”. Remember the frequency, that Sophia vibration that is in you. Remember who you are.
You may be the first one in your earthly family to do thisYou may be one of those who were secretly taughtIt doesn’t really matterAs long as you rememberAs long as you feel As long as you see through the eyes of your heartAs long as you know and feel we are ONE

It is time to raiseIt is safe to wake up, to speak up, and to free yourself from any bond created by fear. 
You don’t have to push or force anything to happen, by simply remembering and feeling that frequency vibrating in you and speaking through you, you are letting the chains of any oath break by itself, any fear dissolve into an ocean of Loving  Awareness and you let the illusion fade away. 

Michela xo

© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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