What if?

Dearest Hearts,

I have 2 messages to share this week. I thought it was one but it turned out I actually wanted to share two.
The first message I am sharing now.
I’ll share the next one, in the coming days. I just need more time to write it down.

I always share from my heart and what I share comes from my personal experience with the energy and my inner work.
I hope you find this useful and that it’ll help you overcome the challenges in your life with ease and love.

Some years ago when I was moving through some overwhelming experiences, my Guides helped me alchemyze the energy with a game I call “what if”.
What they thought me was a simple and yet very powerful way to stop my mind from going into a negative dark spiral.
I practiced with it many times and I thought that as I worked with it and saw the benefits first hand, it was time to share it.
You know, count your blessings and share them!

During the week I consciously started to transform certain energies that were stored in my body and energy field. While I was moving through the challenges of the process, I caught myself creating in my mind the worst case scenario. And so I stopped and breathed deeply for few minutes and every time the negative thought came to mind I’d say to myself WHAT IF?

What if this time I create the opposite?
What if this time I see this from a different perspective?
What if this time I see in my mind the best case scenario?
What if this is a Divine Blessing?

From the day I started this process, it took me a while to reformulate in my mind what I was thinking and what I wanted to create. The alchemical process can be a lengthy one, at times.

➡️ At first, I simply started to catch myself while going into the negative loop of victim-hood and self pity.
➡️ Then I’d simply say to myself WHAT IF.
➡️ Nothing else, just what if and I’d breath slowly, deeply and effortlessly.
➡️ And then I would take myself back to the present moment.

Then with time, I started to place a hand on my heart and by breathing slowly I’d think about 3 things I am SUPER GRATEFUL FOR. By feeling gratitude I started to change the energy, the feeling in my heart. That simple step created waves of energy that carried higher frequencies, a necessary step to transformation.

With time my Guides helped me add more steps to it.
And I shaped every step working with my energy, my heart and my experiences.

For now what I wanted to offer you is the first step towards healing and transformation:
❤ Catch yourself
💚 Stop what you are doing
💙 Breath slowly and deeply
💜 Say to yourself WHAT IF?
🤍 Go back to the present moment

These are just the first steps to build upon. What comes next is very much up to you.

Give it a try, see how you get on with it.

I hope this helps.

Blessings and Love

Michela xo

© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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