My Guides

Good morning Everyone,

It’s cold and sunny here in Ireland today. I hope this short message finds you well and in Joy. First of all, thank you so much to the lovely souls that read the last two messages my Guides have passed on. Thank you for the time you gave to read them, assimilate them and for the feedback. I truly appreciate it.I just wanted to write this message to add a tiny but important note that I didn’t mention when I wrote down the messages and short posts (not just the last two) that have come through so far.When I say that what I write comes from my heart, it is because it is through my heart centre that my Guides communicate with me. I never mentioned who they are before. I may have mentioned the Archangels in earlier posts but that was it, really.In this post I just wanted to let you know who my Guides are and when I say, “my heart is telling me”, They are actually talking to me through my heart centre. When I sign a post with my name, behind that name is a Collective.They are many, they are beautiful and OMG they are full of LOVE!!! I call them the DIVINE LOVE COLLECTIVE. They are Angels, Archangels, Elementals, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, Extra Terrestrial…I carry them within me and when I sit down in meditation and let my vibrations rise, Their energy and vibration start to raise from the infinite well that is my heart.That is all I wanted to share for now because I truly wanted to let people know I am not alone in what I am doing. I have Beautiful Living Beings around me supporting me, helping me, and loving me. I also have the Beautiful Energy of the “Divine Love Collective “guiding me from within.Before I leave you for today another important thing I want to say. I’ll share more of the messages that come through as best as I can, from now on. I’ll also keep sharing funny posts because laughter is important and a great way to quickly raise your vibrations. But I am also trying to spend just a little time on social media while I keep dedicating my life to my inner practice and being in service.Last but not least: I’ll be sending distant healing this weekend. If you would like to receive please let me know.

I just need the name of the person receiving the healing.

For more info on how distant healing works please follow this link:

With Love & Blessings

Michela xo

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