Honour Her

​Hello Hearts, 

As promised this is the post I wrote to give you some insights on how to navigate the chaotic energy that is going to stay with us until Christmas. ​We have been experiencing some fascinating energies throughout the year and now that we are approaching the end of 2020 it feels like the collective is screaming “enough already”! I don’t want to talk about the energies at the moment and why they are the way they are because I want to keep this post short, simple and to the point. What  I want to give you is a helping hand to support you in sailing these apparently stormy waters until Christmas.  

We often think that we have to do complicated things and rituals to overcome certain energies or that we have to sit for many hours in meditation every day (but if you can do it nonetheless. Meditation will help you in so many ways!). But when I reached into my heart and started to listen to its message, the solution was, as always, very simple, the message short and clear without complicated words and concepts. 

I wasn’t surprised about what the Heart of the Divine said, because it is often true that Mothers make things better: “Honour the Divine Feminine (Goddess, Mother, Woman…) in all her forms. Honour Her within you and honour Her all around you.”

And so, I paused for a moment and felt that message. What I felt was the compassionate, kind, soft and yet powerful energy of the Goddess Mother, I saw her smiling face sitting on a lotus with the most peaceful energy I have ever experienced. She was radiating Kindness, Forgiveness, Love, Compassion, Peace…The message was very clear, and it was all about focusing on these aspects of the loving, nurturing and powerful Divine Feminine within you. The altar of your ceremony is your heart, the offering you place on this sacred space is your time, your attention and your love.  

“Mother I open my heart to you, and I let the energy of Kindness, Forgiveness, Love, Compassion, Peace awaken in me and I radiate them all around me. Mother listen to my heartbeat please, as it carries these energy through the cosmos. Listen to what I cannot express with words.”

Spend some time every day focusing on the Divine Feminine in you and observing Her all around you.  You can also make physical offerings to Mother and the way you do it is very much up to you. I like to honour Her, by honouring and being present with the beautiful living beings  in my life.I like honouring Her by feeding the foxes that come in the garden every night, the birds and the squirrels that visit me on my balcony during the day.

 I try to honour Her for choosing not to respond to hate with anger and fear even if my ego thinks it is ok to do so and by acknowledging that lately I haven’t been able to do that often (Honesty is a powerful offering too) but I am giving Her my promise that  I am willing to keep doing the work to reach a level of awareness, peace and wholeness from where I can see Mother in all living beings.

I truly hope this helps. 

With Love and Blessings 

Michela xo


© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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