Waves of my Heart

“We have been led to believe that the brain reigns over our biology. While this is partly true, the heart is an autorhythmic organ, which means the heartbeat is self-initiated from within the heart, not from the brain…” -Dr. Joe Dispenza-The phrases “follow your heart”, “listen to your heart” “your heart is the key to everything” have been used so much but we rarely stop and feel the power these words carry. For years, I had the honour to meet teachers that guided me into the mysteries of the Heart. But when I was forced into a sabbatical, I seized the opportunity to dive deeper into my heart, this time alone, with the Universe supporting me along the way. My heart is my centre, and whatever happens in my life, I find strength, healing, courage and Love when I pause for a while and take the time to rest enveloped in its energy. It is by listening to the wisdom that my heart carries that I overcame so much in life. And when I truly listen to its heartbeat, I always hear the voice of Oneness. The challenges I have to overcome, the fear I have to face, the illusions I have to lift, the triggers that send my ego into drama mode, the pain and heartbreaks they all seem to dissolve in its energy. And so, with time and with patience, I started to honour the call of my heart. It is not always a straightforward journey, sometimes it gets foggy and unsteady. But I pause, breath and centre my self in my heart and keep going. I learned how to journey deeper and deeper in this endless well of Love, how to transform -like an alchemist- any energy, that comes from within and without, with the higher frequencies dwelling in my heart. The journey in my heart has definitely brought me to uncharted waters. Sometimes I feel like the waves of the Ocean inside my chest are drowning me, some days I feel they are carrying me. I remember one evening, sitting on my bed, one hand on my heart, eyes closed and listening to its sacred beat. I couldn’t stop smiling…. I was at home. And in that moment everything was clear, in that eternal present now, I felt at home for the very first time in this life. And In that moment, I simply surrendered and let my heart guide and the heart of Oneness carry me, sometimes deep down the gigantic waves of my emotion, into the abyss, sometimes on the crest of the waves to new shores…

Michela xo


© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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