What would you believe?


MSM (main stream media) is f****** with your head…. not this year, not last year. It has always been doing that since the day you were born.

The media (newspaper, tv, radio, news, movies…) is paid to deliver a specific narrative that works in favour of those who want to make sure you don’t see. When something goes viral on the news is 99% of the time either a complete fabrication in favour of an elite or a distorted truth to program you in believing they are protecting and informing you.

MSM is an arm of mass destruction that utilizes deceit, manipulation, terror, division to keep people trapped in fear, angry, disoriented because people in fear are easy to control and manipulate.

This is not a new thing though. It has been happening for so long, since the day tabloids were created. When the media is stirring the narrative towards a certain path, I would encourage you not to follow that path. Instead stop listening to what they are saying and do your own research.

For example, did you know that Jack the Ripper never existed? That it was created by the media of the time to sell newspapers and keep the readers attention away from other matters? And this was in the 800s. Imagine now in this era of fast technology….

Do yourself a favour today and stop feeding your subconscious with the junk that MSM and those who pay them want to impose you. You’ll be surprised how much clarity, vision, love, and peace you’ll see in the world.

As someone I admire and respect always says: “in this age of information, ignorance is a choice”.

And of course what you feed, you create.

Peace ✌❤


© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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