Jacob’s Ladder

Maybe we are all fallen Angels.

Why not? After all, we are in this life to experience separation on our journey back to Oneness.
I am reading a book and a couple of days ago a passage on one of the chapters made something click inside. What if we are all fallen Angels?
Religions and human manipulation have probably dramatized the fallen ones to keep us in fear and separation or simply because human beings like to dramatize life for a series of reason I am not going to share here now.
Think about it for a moment or feel into if you wish. We are Oneness (Divine Love, God/Goddess, Spirit, Energy… however you see it) and when we come into this world, we “fall from Grace” and consciously separate ourselves from Oneness. We do that by surrendering to oblivion so that we can experience the dual nature of the reality we live in; from the moment we are conceived in our mother’s womb. We are forgetting who we are, and we start experience life through our senses, believing that the perception of our external world is real when in truth it is just a perception.
We don’t come here to be punished or because we are rebelling against Spirit. And maybe this is the time to let go of the drama, the fear and the guilt that we did something wrong and we need to suffer our way back home.
We are all Spirits (Angels and Archangels and Goddesses and Gods…) walking on earth and choosing our own experiences, and every living being on this planet is an expression of that Oneness that we all long for (that we like to admit or not).
You are an expression of that energy that I call Divine Love and every living being is an expression of it.
Oneness is not an external place where we must return to. Oneness is always present, and it is a state of being. The only journey you can take back to Divine Love, is the one you take within yourselves.
Michela xo
© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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