I had very strange dreams lately and throughout the week, I experienced many different emotions. So much is happening on Earth now and we are all effected in different ways.

I cannot assume to know what people are feeling and experiencing. The usual and familiar has been removed from their lives, almost drastically. So many theories, emotions, and unprecedented events that make people feel wobbly, like there is no ground to walk on anymore.

I have been blessed with a great sense of peace most of the times but as a human being, I experience different emotions too, sometimes of frustration or even anger.

This is a time of grieving too, for all of us. But I do feel Ecstatic to be here on Earth at this time. The learning experience of what is happening is so deep and so powerful that I can only feel honoured and grateful to be alive.
This morning I woke at about 5:00 am to meditate. I just had a very disturbing dream and I remember waking up singing OM NAMAH SHIVAYA. I did my meditation and I lay down afterwards to integrate. I fell asleep again and this time I had a very different dream.

I woke up with this sense of emptiness or nothingness but in a very empowering way. And in my morning reflections, I felt a sense of Wholeness too.

What am I feeling in these changing times? Well, life is a constant state of change. Sometimes the changes are bigger than others…. But I feel that it doesn’t matter what the world is experiencing right now, because if we keep fighting against each other, we are still stuck in the old ways.

Does it really matter that I believe in something and you believe in something else? Not really! I would love to be able to sit down with people and express my truth and listen to other truths without the need to contradict someone else’s idea or hear people shouting at me how wrong I am…. In the end we are creators of our own lives and experiences, and what we choose to believe and focus on we manifest. I don’t like to impose my ideas on others, but I want to feel free to express them and I honestly don’t like when someone is forcing me to accept their truth and deny mine. The choices we make every single moment of this life, are the choices that create our reality.
What every intense experience is teaching us is -almost always- to look beyond it.

Don’t look at the trees, look at the forest.

Blaming others four our misery is an old victim paradigm that is shading away.

Enforcing our beliefs on others is the need for control paradigm that is melting away.

What if for today we all take some moments to breathe with one hand (or both hands) on our heart and feel.

Feel that there is no right or wrong, no light or darkness but just one Beautiful Being made of millions of cells and every living being on this planet is a cell of the whole.

We are cells in the infinite creation ❤

There’s an old and outdated theory that states that life on Earth is based on competition and survival of the fittest.

But when we look at how the human body works, how nature works, we see something totally different.

Life is cooperation among all the elements, from the tiniest part to the biggest form of life.

Can we learn to cooperate in all of this?

Can we live in harmony with nature?

Can we stop and listen to the sound of the Heart? What is it saying to us?

Can we live in a world were compassion is our greatest strength, forgiveness our most precious tool, joy the essence of the soul and Love the energy that fuels all?

Is this the realization we have been waiting for?

Blessings and Love

Michela xo

© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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