The root of all …

There was a message that Archangels Michael and Uriel have passed on few days ago. I didn’t have the time to write it all down but it’s been hanging in my energy field and so it is.
I’ve been connecting with these two Archangels this week for personal reasons and we had powerful exchanges through the week since Monday. On Thursday, they talked to me about separation and healing.
Please bare with me while I try to write down a dialogue that only uses energy.

First Archangel Michael was telling me how human beings are focusing on healing symptoms instead of the root cause of the issue. He explained that whether a person is suffering from a physical, spiritual, emotional or mental condition, these issues are symptoms of a lowering of our frequency because we feel detached from our true essence.
And that essence is Oneness, Spirit and Love. Archangel Michael said that our suffering (in any form) is caused by the illusion of separation from Divine Love, the energy of Oneness. The truth is we are not separated but we feel this separation because of the illusion of duality. When we go back to Oneness, we don’t have to heal anything because in that energy there is no separation, no illusion and we feel what we are: Spirit. And when the frequency of His message was reaching me, my mind went to a Jenga game, where if you remove the brick at the bottom of the tower, the rest of the structure falls. And through our powerful inner work (meditation, healing, awareness…) we remove all the blocks that created separation and duality, one brick at a time until everything collapses, and we feel ONE. In Oneness we don’t see or hear anything, we simply feel.

Archangel Uriel then continued saying something truly important. Through our inner work, we see beyond the veil, we are no longer blinded by fear and separation and when this happens, we are in Service and there’s no going back. He continued by inviting those who have experienced Oneness and Love, those who see beyond separation and fear, to stop for a moment, place a hand on our heart and breathe from the heart, with the heart before making assumptions or judgment towards our Brothers and Sisters who are caught in the drama of life. He reminds us that we are all One and when we see people suffering or entangled in fear, instead of getting frustrated, angry or annoyed we must stop, place a hand on our heart and breathe and remember who we are. We are Spirit in service of humanity. If you are lucky enough to have experienced Oneness, He asks us to be that Oneness and Love in Service of the whole, to raise the vibration of your heart so that it reaches anything and anyone all over the world.

And I remembered a very powerful quote from Ramana Maharshi:

Student: “How are we supposed to treat others”?

R.M: “There are no others…”

Blessings & Love, Always

Michela xo

© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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