The Sisterhood “Dream”

I had a “dream” two nights ago, that seriously made me realize the dream of Sisterhood is not an idea but a reality that is shaping and forming every day through small acts of Kindness and Love.

In the “dream” I found myself in a big room with artificial light and no windows to see outside. There were about 10 rows of chairs, some occupied by men and women of different ages, cultures and backgrounds. There was also an elevated platform/stage. It was one of those settings you see in workshops and events. Someone gave me a piece of paper with statements I was supposed to agree with and then sign at the bottom.

I was looking at the statements on the piece of paper and they didn’t make any sense, they were false statements and I didn’t know why I was asked to agree with them and sign the paperwork at the end. There was a man sitting behind me and as soon as he saw I was more than hesitant to comply with the whole charade, he tried to trick me in signing. He quickly flashed a light in front of me and took my hand to force me. I acted quickly and turned towards him and said: “What are you doing”? I wasn’t angry, I wasn’t upset, but I was very surprised. The man muttered something under his breath, but I could not hear and understand what he was saying. He tried to cover his face and leave. At that point, I took a good look around the room and I saw that there were men and women standing all around the room, with their back at the wall. They were dressed like the men in black (that you see in the movies).

A very tall woman dressed in a formal man suit, approached me and tried to convince me that all that was in the paper was real and that I had to sign.

I stood up and went on the stage and started to talk about the illusion. A sister sitting in one of the chairs nodded in agreement, she stood up and applauded. When I said the words “this is not real… it is not true”, I was suddenly out of the room, outside walking back home.

The first thing that I saw, was the sister in the room that agreed with me and she was helping another sister find her way back home. We stopped to chat a little, we exchanged uplifting and encouraging words for each other before going back to our missions. I was walking down the road and I met two women. One was in distress and the other one was helping her. There was an incredible amount of Love around them and a profound, sincere willingness to do the impossible to help one another. I greeted them, we talked a little bit and I witnessed a beautiful act of Love and Compassion from the woman who was helping a Sister in need.

I kept walking home and suddenly I saw a woman, a mother with a baby in her arms. She was crying and she was alone. She seemed very lost. She was in a tremendous amount of pain. I stopped and I started to talk to her, and I helped her go back home. We reached the house and we talked, and in that moment all I wanted to do was help a Sister find her strength and the way back to her heart. And I woke up…..

Michela Sborchia


2020©Michela Sborchia, All Rights Reserved



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