One Heart to rule them All (Part 2)

In part one of “One heart to rule them All”, I was telling the story of how I started to reconnect with my heart center in a deeper and more meaningful way. In part 2 I want to share what I learnt about the heart from both spirituality and science.

One of the first things I remembered from past studies was that the heart is the first organ to form when the child is developing in the mother’s womb. That fact alone made it clear to me how important the heart is, and not only from a physical perspective. For millennia, ancient cultures talked about the importance of the heart. Shamans, Gurus, Masters… they all talk about the language of the heart and how it is necessary for our own well being and “sanity” to start talking and connecting with the heart, to remember its language so we can heal.

Later on, through my researches, I discovered that the heart has a brain of its own. I talked about it in my “Healing Trauma” post:                  

I am completely in awe of the beauty and power of this Organ. It is the Queen or King that guides our entire system.

In spirituality we know that each organ in the human body has a consciousness and a aura. Now, science has measured the heart energy field (electromagnetic field if you will…) and it discovered that the Heart is the biggest transmitter in the body, it generates more energy that any other organ and that is why I call it the ruler of them all.

The energetic signals that the heart produces every moment of your life are extremely important, indispensable to the proper functioning of the whole (body, mind, energy). The heart constantly emits energy in the form of sound (heartbeat), waves, vibrations, heat, light, electromagnetic signals…. And all the cells, the organs, the tissues in the human body constantly receive these signals (language of the heart). It brings information to the entire body from the tiniest part to the bigger organs and system in form of energy waves.

Now, so far so good! But then something  happens that is truly remarkable. The language of the energy wave from the heart and the information it carries, is impacted by our emotions. Essentially, we are what we feel! When we feel energies such as anger or fear (classified as negative), we imprint information on this energy filed that is very different from the information that comes from energies such as love, compassion joy or gratitude just to name a few. If I can make an example here, when emotions are negative, they carry distorted information (a bit like a mass of entangled strings). Obviously, when the information is messy, the signal received is messy and out of balance. But, when we experience energies such as Love Gratitude Compassion Appreciation, the heart waves carry a completely different language made of harmonious, balanced energy that bring us back to wholeness and perfect health.

When the heart is beating (we can hear the sound sometimes or we can feel it in our wrist pulsating) the pressure waves that the beating heart creates go to the brain and the body. In the brain to make an example, that pressure wave synchronizes all the neurons in the brain.

The heart facilitates the body’s natural regenerative process.

Remember from my previous post on trauma, where I talked about the heart sensory neurites? Well, the heart has its own intrinsic nervous system which can sense, feel, remember and process information independently from the brain. It receives information first and then relays it to the brain. The heart responds faster than the brain to outside stimulation. The heart not only responds first, but its energy can somehow predict the future (studies shows this amazing skill). The heart has access to a field of information that is not bound by time and space.

The Marvel that is the Heart never cease to amaze me. That is why I am dedicating my life to help people reconnect with their heart in a meaningful, real and effective way, so that they can break the negative cycles, step out of negative patterns, create the reality they wish to create, heal on multiple levels and love beyond measure. Why? Because we need to love more and we need to love ourselves and each others, the Earth needs it too, for the highest good of all. This is a time of change and by working with the heart we create resilience, our innate ability to recover quickly from illness, change and to endure times of pressure and stress in a healthy way.


Michela Sborchia

Michela Sborchia © 2020 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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