One Heart (Part 1)

After my wake up all  in March 2019, I had the opportunity to start anew. The event that for some people seemed a tragic experience, for me was a blessing in disguise. I took a sabbatical year to focus on my healing and to re-discover my purpose in life. I needed that time to heal & reconnect with my body, my mind and spirit. Looking back at the time before March 2019  , I felt I was running on borrowed energy. So many things had happened in the last 10 years (a decade… wow!) and I didn’t truly stop to reset my system. And then BANG! I was in hospital scheduled for my first surgery, followed by a second one and with a 2 year prognosis to a full recovery. I was forced to take that time off!

It was through the teachings of both the wisdom of ancient cultures , spirituality, the new approach of modern western science and medicine that I started to see my path in a completely different light.

It took me almost NOTHING, to come to terms with the fact that my life had temporarily changed, that all that I was doing before , I had to relearn how to do, again. But I felt that all was good in my world. I didn’t feel angry, fearful or resentful. I pretty much felt in love with Life. I remember waking up in a hospital bed, completely filled by a strong sense of peace. I only felt this incredible amount of Love.  This incredible love, I felt within, manifested in the world around me through the help, love, presence and kindness of family and friends.  I am love and I am loved! Quite simple, really.

And so, with time, patience and trust in this Love, I let go of all that I was doing. I went back to the basics and meditated as much as I could, I faced myself and simply surrendered to the present moment. My beautiful hubby carried me everywhere (some days literally), my mom left everything to take care of me, my brother and my family energetic support and love that wasn’t bound by time and space, I felt in my heart. I regularly received different healing modalities from friends and weekly intentions and prayers from the meditation group I meet every week. It is safe to say that I was completed saturated with Love and that was the greatest medicine.

Among the amazing experiences I had, one stood out from the beginning. I didn’t need painkillers, I wasn’t in pain and the nurses and doctors were baffled by it. I was smiling and I was fine. They couldn’t understand why.

Remembering how to walk was the strangest thing I have ever experienced. When people that went through similar experiences were telling me that I had to relearn how to walk, I thought they were mad. “I’m sure, I can remember that” I used to say. Then, the day I had to stand up and start walking again, I couldn’t. At the beginning it felt funny when I had to exercise my body to stay in balance (not fall) or when I had to put my feet down on the ground… and for a while the fear of pain and of injuring myself again, didn’t allow me to do that. When you have an accident, it is not just the physical that needs healing but the trauma you experience needs to be healed too. When the trauma of the experience came back, it offered me a choice, an opportunity for change. I had to take it, it was the time to truly heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Changes I had to make were many but they all came for my highest good.

First of all, I had to surrender to the sudden change, along with breaking free from old patterns and behaviors that were detrimental to my physical, mental and emotional health. To my surprise, I discovered that I was able to surrender to the loving embrace of a Divine Intelligence that truly supports and loves me. This energy that constantly creates and transforms I call Love, an energy that doesn’t need an opposite energy to manifest. It is Oneness. With the help of this loving force, in me, I started by facing the impossible, my fears and biases. I meditated as much as I could to let go of all that was holding me back. It was through the process of healing and surrendering that I have re-discovered (or maybe remembered) my passion, my path, the reason why I am in service of the Divine.

When I started receiving glimpses of it, my heart was full and in a state of Joy. The first time I saw the bigger vision, I felt so profoundly in love with life, in a state of pure joy. I felt at home! I cannot describe fully the emotions or my state of being, but I knew without a doubt (for the first time in my life) what I had to co-create.

Every day I drop into my heart and every day new teachings, and a deeper understanding come to me. And I feel Blessed!

My Heart is the Empress, the Goddess, the Queen, the Key to everything, the Ruler of all…

Now, all that I do, the work that I offer comes from my Heart. I believe that the Divine inside us and around us is a loving and transforming intelligence, the energy of Oneness and when we experience that energy, we break the cycle of suffering and pain and we heal physically, mentally and emotionally and transform on all levels.

End of Part 1… Stay tuned for Part 2.


Michela Sborchia © 2020 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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