My journey so far


I woke up last night with the courage to make a little (or big) change. This morning I recorded a video to talk about my journey so far. It is not a long video, about 15 minutes long. It is a huge step for me as I was really afraid to do that. I probably still am but I wanted to move through this fear and embrace the opportunity to talk instead of writing. The idea of doing a V-log came into my awareness a while back, but before I could post anything, I had to listen to my subconscious telling me what a terrible idea this is. I still can hear the remain of that monologue happening in my mind: “English is not your first language, they’ll not understand what you say”, “They are going to ridicule you”, “You are going to be so exposed to the public eye… what if you fail?” and the list goes on.

I woke up this morning, I did my meditations and then I started.



Michela xo

© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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