Transform in Love

Last year I had a nightmare that still stays with me to this day. In the dream, I was in a place that looked familiar but I couldn’t remember why. In that space so familiar and scary, a demon appeared to me. I didn’t run, I faced him, and I wasn’t feeling scared or unsafe. He wanted to inflict pain on me. But when he was close enough to me that I could touch him, I reacted and tried to inflict pain back… but the demon grew stronger under the pain. The more the pain, the stronger he grew. I woke up from that nightmare with less fear and more wisdom. In the months that followed that Wisdom brought on my path more teachings so that I could integrate a specific lesson and embody the energy I unconsciously was trying to escape.

Few weeks ago, I was between wake and sleep in the early hours of the morning. The demon came back to me and tried to attack me. I reached for him and held him close to my heart and kept saying to him, I love you, I love you, I love you… for what seemed a very long time.

He struggled to get free at first but after a while he stayed. My hands suddenly became warm and I called forth from within me the violet fire. Through my hands the fire started to burn and surrounded the “demon” that now looked like a little frail thing. I kept repeating the word Love over and over. The violet fire of transformation surrounded us and the “monster” transformed under my eyes. He became a little bird with a ribbon around his neck. Like a present from the Divine. I opened the window of my room to let him out. He flew outside and landed on the outside window ledge and he transformed again. This time his little bird shape changed into a magnificent jet black raven. He was standing guard on my window and through the vibration of its energy field said to me that the pain has transformed into wisdom and from that suffering and victimhood I learned, grew and finally let go….. I opened the lock and freed my self from old sabotaging beliefs that kept me chained, imprisoned in a self made cage.

I had to move through one of the biggest lessons of my life this year, surrender to the pure divine love energy of creation, have faith and truly let go. Then one day, after the dream, and after a deep meditation, I was sitting in the sun, resting and integrating when embodiment happened and I was One with the Pure Divine Unconditional Love energy. I cannot describe in words what I felt as there are no words in any human language to describe it. I surrendered, let go, had faith and I embodied that powerful, transforming energy that I was once unconsciously afraid of. When embodiment happened, all separations, illusions and limitations disappeared. The best way I can describe it is that it’s like falling in love multiplied by million of times…but even that doesn’t really come close to describe it. But I was in love with the whole of existence. I haven’t become perfect from that experience but I realized how perfect everything is, how much love we hold within us and how that love can transform us completely from the inside out…. in the most beautiful way. And this love is not the human love we experience every day, it is beyond duality, it doesn’t have an opposing force to manifest, it’s Oneness! I’m sharing this beautiful ones, because we are nothing but that LOVE. And when we surrender to that energy, that love consumes us. That energy I call love consumed me, resurrected me, rebirthed me and I cannot stop thinking how much we can accomplish as human beings if we embody that LOVE. And since that day, I always send out that love to this world every day. Maybe if you are reading this you experienced it too and you are transforming every single day. If you had, you know me and you feel I’m there with you.


Michela xo

© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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