Love Message 6 – Separation

I’ve learned time and again that when I hurt, I simply need to be with the pain, be aware of it, feeling it with body mind and soul, knowing that despite the emotional charge the hurt has, in the end it is just an illusion. By moving into the universal unconditional Love of Source, I’m reminded of who I Am, that I cannot give power to the illusion any longer. By resting my being in this all encompassing, ever present Divine LOVE energy, I become One with the Whole of existence and the hurt of this duality disappears into the unknown, to be liberated and to be transformed. Every time I have experienced that powerful and transforming Love, all the walls of the illusion started to crumble under its lightness, and the veils gently parted and I finally could see.
-Michela Sborchia Venturini-

© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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