Heart Message 6 – Freedom

On my endless inner voyage of self-discovery and liberation, I found a treasure within me, a powerful loving force moving through every fiber of my Being

Its energy pervading through the blueprint of my Essence

I spent a very long time looking around me, in search for what I already have

No matter how far I was going, the stories I collected along the way, what I was looking for was NOT outside of myself

It wasn’t in the stories created by my mind…

and from my inner world

I set myself Free.

Until the day I had the courage to move within, I found nothing outside on my Being but a reflection of what it could be

In my Heart the Divine reveals itself to me

Even when I look at the Divine in the eyes and I don’t see it


If I listen to its voice and its sound without hearing it


When I touch it without feeling it

It is still there, in me

The purpose of humanity is Spirit Realization, and by seeing myself in the whole of existence, I am a step closer to understand who I truly Am.

In this inner space

of Oneness and Union,

of Spirit and Matter,

of Purity and of Joy,

of Clarity and Understanding

of Forgiveness and Compassion

of Harmony and Balance

of Freedom and Bliss

of Courage and Strength

of Power and Wisdom

of Peace and Tranquility

of Gratitude and Recognition

I feel One with the whole of existence and all I experience is


Michela Sborchia

© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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