Ode to a Cat

The story I heard melted my heart and it came from a place inside of me where stories like this one are waiting to be told.

This ancient story tells that many suns & moons ago, God and Goddess wanted to gift the world with a very special being.
And so in a moment in time, somewhere in the black void of creation, a very special energy started to take form. It was at first an idea created in the mind of the Divine.

One day this idea moved into His heart and from there flowed into the heart of Goddess and then nestled for a while in the womb of the great Mother.

When the world was ready to receive this powerful gift, God and Goddess decided it was time for this special being to be born. Mother checked her sacred womb to see if it was fully formed. She heard a stir energy starting to move with excitement, Joy, Love and Dignity and she knew that the beautiful creature was ready to be born.
It was so special that Mother unusually had a hard time to let go…was the world ready to receive this precious gift? But She had to trust the unknown of this new experience as she herself created the deep void of the unknown where all begins, all ends and all is. And so She let go…
This mystical creature fiercely embodies with sovereignty the energy of Dignity, Freedom, Divine Love without attachments, Sacred Wisdom, Sacrifice, Protection, Patience, Focus, and Independence.

Its fur was all black, so it could go unnoticed while doing its divine assignment in humility,

black to hold all the power of the light and the full spectrum of its colours within him,

black like an armour to fight all negativity and evil and protect those it loves.

It had 4 powerful legs to reach the sky in a single jump and touch the wings of angels,

and at the same time its 4 legs were strong, grounded and firmly anchored to the earth to stay always connected with the womb and heart of Mother.

Its sight fully developed to see in both darkness and sunlight, to easily move through realities, and guide us back and forth between worlds.

Its purring has a frequency that can heal anything, all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments.

It has strong boundaries to teach us about Dignity and Love.

And so Goddess held this beautiful being in Her arms, close to Her chest and kissed its heart (the seat of its soul) and where She kissed it, its fur became white…and so black cats with a white spot on their chest were born.

The white on their heart is a reminder that the love of Goddess is always with and within us… and I live with one of them.

What a blessing I received!


Michela xo

#cats #spirituality #goddess #god

© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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