Our Lady

Maybe I am the only one with this feeling but I guess it is OK and I just wanted to share my soul. To be honest, yes I am feeling lonely (but maybe I am not), but this is my truth and I cannot agree with others just for the sake of being loved and accepted.

As I was saying, I feel very lonely within this feeling, because of the news and comments I read everywhere about the fire of Notre Dame.  Am I the only one thinking that this fire has nothing to do with the Divine Feminine rising? Am I the only one thinking that this is not a manifestation of Goddess or Divine Justice?

Maybe I am naïve or maybe I see through this fire in a way some don’t want to see…. I don’t really know. The only feeling I am sure of is the sadness that comes from my heart when I watch the news and read many of the comments.

To me, destruction and violence have nothing to do with the Divine Feminine and although in the past people had tried to convince me otherwise, I never felt at peace with that idea. So, yes I don’t believe the Notre Dame fire has anything to do with the Divine Feminine rising, I sense it in my womb and I feel it in my heart.

What cause violence, danger and destruction is not Divine Feminine at all to me.

And even the idea of Mother Kali having a hand in this seems ludicrous to me. People may argue that Kali is destruction, but She is far from that! Anything that can destroy thousand of years of art history and faith (no matter how you see it) is far from Divine to me, to put in danger thousands of people is far from Holy. Story hasn’t changed, the same rhetoric, the same hatred, violence, ego, and destruction. This is not a sign of the changing times and it is not a sign of new beginning to me.

I cannot describe fully the feeling that I have but what I can say for sure now is that my heart and womb are very unsettled by this because the change we are waiting for cannot be found in the destruction or desecration of a church, a temple or a mosque but within. And Goddess to me is pure Love and Compassion, She doesn’t put her children in danger for the sake of change. And when She bring forth change is not dramatic, is not violent but it is in the name of Divine Love Compassion and Forgiveness. The drama people constantly create in this world, the violent choices humanity pursues are not Divinely guided and I feel we must really stop using Her name to justify so much destruction.

People talk about symbols of evil and all these landmarks that must be destroyed…. As if an energy can be destroyed! Energy transforms itself constantly and we are catalysts for this transformation. We have been tested and failed, because destruction brings more destruction and only love, kindness, forgiveness, compassion and peace can bring forth the change we want to see.

And so yes, today I feel that as human race we have failed once again, when we use destruction, hatred, danger and violence to justify our beliefs. The destruction and desecration of a place doesn’t help anyone, it is just another expression of very old ways, an expression guided by an ego still deeply rooted in the patriarchal paradigm.

If I am the only one feeling like this, so be it! This is how I see it and I choose love and forgiveness over destruction and tragedy. Maybe, as I said before I am naïve but to me Mother doesn’t choose to awake us through destruction, pain and fear. And if we keep using the old outdated ways, we are still asleep.


© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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