Heart Message 4 – Creation

One day, in the stillness and silence of the un-manifested a sound awoke the sleeping Primordial Force.

Her curiosity, aroused by the beautiful vibration, awoke the active principle within Her Womb.

The OM vibration penetrated deep down, within Her core. The beautiful and powerful sound vibrated throughout the non-existence, this glorious energy split Her in two halves, in a wonderful moment of ecstasy: a positive primordial male and a negative primordial female.

The paradox was born, existence was created and duality came to life. All is an emanation of this great force without name and without gender, a force that cannot be comprehended fully by the human mind. We may glimpse at it through our feelings and energies but we cannot explain it.

Our journeys are just a reflection of that creative moment. All our experiences are guiding us through the paradox and duality back to Source where all begins, all ends and all is….



© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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