My train of thought…. from duality to unity and service

My March experiences lead me to days of reflection and surrendering. One day I was listening to something on YouTube that guided me to feel more into a concept widely discussed in the spiritual community: Twin Flames and Soul Mates. And so I started to think….

If the universe is within us,

If we are Spirit made matter,

If we are God and Goddess on Earth,
Our soul and Spirit should be pure perfection, whole and unbreakable, a space or an energy beyond duality and “reality”.
If this is what I personally profess and believe, I had to rethink the idea of a soul mate or a twin flame. I felt like I was pulling the thread on an ancient tapestry and slowly unmaking an old design. There were times many years ago, when I really believed in the concept of twin flames or soul mates. But now I am feeling the need to move beyond the concept and the theory I heard and read for so long.
If I believe we are all One, than the soul mate and twin flame ideas start dissolving in the purity of my Spirit.
When I start moving beyond all that is dual and all that comes from logic, then I start my journey of liberation.
I step on the road of Divine Revelation, with each step I move deeper and deeper into the dissolution of existence, I walk down the path of Divine realization into the infinite, timeless, space-less existence, where I am all and nothing.
Because you see, our relationship with others is the relationship with have with ourselves. I’ve witnessed in me and “around me” how we go to great lengths to avoid the inner journey. But that is the path…. inward. We may do everything that is necessary to stay outside of ourselves. But if the inward journey is the one we are meant to walk in this life, our Spirit will go to great lengths to pull us back in, deeper and deeper, until we don’t have any other choice but to stop, close our eyes, surrender and listen. We may feel that we are not ready or worthy at first, but when our Spirit re-claims us, we’ll understand that there is no readiness or worthiness. There’s only wholeness and a deep sense of Gratitude. In that space of profound peace, nothing matters more than the living our earthly life in service of others, and others is also ourselves, the universe, and the Divine….
A life example from my beloved:
My husband is an artist, an amazing one if I may say so. He’s not famous yet and it doesn’t earn much money from his work. But last week something beyond beautiful happened to him. He posted his latest work on a portal for artists and he received a message from a lovely man in a far away country. He thanked my husband for his latest drawing. He explains to him how difficult his life is at this time but my husband work made him go beyond that reality for a while….. in a different space… My husband realized in that moment that his work as an artist is to be in service too. If his painting helped someone cope with a difficult situation, he walked his path…. and in that moment he felt a profound sense of Gratitude because his gift is helping someone else out there to move beyond logic, fear and limitations.
Mahatma Gandhi said that “the best way to find ourselves is to lose ourselves in the service of others“.
Someone asked to Ramana Maharshi:“How should we treat others?” He simply replied “There are no others”.
Can you imagine a life where we are all in service, where we see the Divine in everything?
Every human being has the capacity to do extraordinary things. Our own limiting beliefs and ideas have blocked us from achieving amazing lives, and help humanity in the process.
Let your Spirit guide you. There’s nothing to fear. Your Spirit talks to you constantly, through your feelings, your body, your experiences.
For few minutes each day, sit down and do nothing, close your eyes and listen. You are not wasting time by doing so, you are finding your way back to Spirit.
Michela xo
© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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