On Pleasure

Reclaim you pleasure, reclaim your power and reclaim yourself!

Today I looked back at my life experiences, my work as a healer and my writings. I am doing this now because I have the flu and I am resting in my bed and so I feel I have the time and space to do so. I have been doing so much work on myself since 2001. I worked with so many energy healing modalities and meditation techniques (all fabulous and with their own merits), I attended workshops and visited sacred sites in countries around the world. I met many beautiful souls on a conscious spiritual journey of deep healing and awakening. I read many books and talked to so many people about healing, awakening and spirituality. At different stages of my life, I found myself dealing with situations and people that brought up the best and the worst in me. It was part of my healing journey to reconnect with the compassionate self and the cruel one, the loving and kind Michela and the unforgiving bitch. I consider myself lucky to have the possibility to look deeper within and beyond my perceived limitations every day of this life. I know I am not immune to illusion and duality as it is part of this human paradigm experience, but the work I have been doing on my self is giving me the possibility to see more and to see beyond this illusion of the self and of the other. When I read back at what my life has been so far, I see that my beliefs and energy have changed along the way. They have morphed and they will keep doing so. This doesn’t mean that I was wrong and now I am right. It simply means that at different stages of my life I needed to work with certain energies to allow myself to journey deeper and deeper to the Source of my being and to reconnect with my Spirit.

Paradoxically, what I am discovering now seems more connected to my humanity than my divinity, but after all those years of work and studying I know that there is no such thing as human or divine. We are intrinsically both human and divine, both matter and spirit and working with one aspect is just one half step on the awakening ladder. In my personal journey of healing and awakening, I have discovered that working with both matter and spirit works for me. I cannot deny one aspect in favour of anther. When I do so, I detach myself from myself and in doing so I severe my connection to both body and soul. When I did that my body and my soul would suffer. I would plunge into the darkest night of the soul and become physically sick. So, where does all of this leave me?  The sum of my experiences and lessons have left me on the threshold of a new (but Not unknown) territory, where I feel excited, whole and deliciously alive. I feel my all senses waking up and intensifying, I feel this erotic and sensual vibration rising from my yoni, moving through my channels, making my body shake in what feels like an ocean of bliss, where wave after wave I have been brought back to life from the Yoni of Mother Goddess so I can do the same for others. In this erotic and blissful experience, I meet both my human and divine self and, in the process, I find the missing peace: Pleasure!

There is a great misconception around the word Pleasure. We have been conditioned to think that it is either wrong or something to avoid on a spiritual journey. In my personal experience, this cannot be further away from my truth. Pleasure is part of life and I intend to embrace it wholly for the sake of my body and my soul. If I want to keep teaching and doing healing, I need to know more about myself, as in doing so I understand others too (remember there are no others). When I heal myself, I also heal others. Learning about pleasure and experiencing it, it’s as important as receiving a healing session or doing a meditation. If I want to radiate pleasure and teach pleasure, I must know Pleasure! And this is what I have been working on for the last few years.

Life is hilarious. Years ago, I used to walk a path where my sensual and sexual self were sitting behind the curtain, patently waiting for me to call them on stage, so they could be the centre of attention. They were always there peeking through the curtains and making themselves visible to me. I never dismissed them, but I was not fully embodying that part of myself yet. My path has brought me to deeply feel through my Yoni Womb space, and every day this part of myself, this super-hot, wet, sexual and sensual Goddess is making Her presence known. Oh I can feel Her! She is an unstoppable force and I feel Her with every part of being now. She is here to shake things up and turn everything upside down and inside out (not necessarily a bad thing). She urges me not to talk about this force as a separate energy… She is me. This is my missing piece, this is what I was looking for and this is part of my life now. My teachings and healings will have that energy, and my body needs to feel pleasure every day. Pleasure is not about having an orgasm every day (unless you want to) but it is a pure, undiluted and unapologetic force that rises from the Goddess within you. It comes full throttle like a river that smashes a dam, like a hurricane that cannot be contained. It is Mother in her full sensual power, it is un-manifested creative potential and it is you. Pleasure is your birth right, your essence as Woman and Goddess. Reclaim you pleasure, reclaim your power and reclaim yourself!

How things have changed! It feels so weird now to know that my missing piece was there all along and I never thought or felt to embrace it before now. Life is a paradox and it certainly has a weird sense of humor. You got to love that about existence! We tend to take ourselves so seriously, that our ego blinds us. Pleasure will do the opposite. Pleasure will wake us up and make us see life in a new magical way. Pleasure will make us feel lighter, loving and powerful. It’ll give us that weird sense of humor that life always has and most of all it’ll wash our mind in an ocean of bliss to make us feel deeply connected to all that exists through our body, soul and spirit. Pleasure brings us together and in Pleasure we become One.

Michela Sborchia

© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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