Awakening is an everyday process. Rising from the slumber of oblivion is a step ​by step journey. Keep moving, keep journeying within. ​You may find obstacles blocking your way but sometimes the path is smooth too. Whatever the situation keep moving deeper and deeper inside of you. 
​Then one day in a moment of rest, you’ll look at your past and all that seemed impossible to overcome. You’ll remember all the times when your heart shattered in billions of pieces and you felt a pain so intense that you thought you could never find peace. 
Finally you see how far you have come, how much healing you have allowed yourself to receive, how much wisdom raised from the ashes of Goddess purifying fire and how strong you truly are. 
And in that moment of rest breathe and listen to the silence. In that silence find the strength for your next step and keep moving. 
It doesn’t matter where your journey brings you. What matters is that you always remember that in the challenges you find, the fears you have to face, and the pain you have to endure there are infinite miraculous possibilities for personal growth and healing. 
While you walk down your path, the one you chose before you arrived, please remember that Mother sees you. She knows how much you are carrying on your soul and She will help you. You’ll find Grace, Love and so much Joy too. And you’ll remember all that made you laugh until your belly hurt, the Joy of your soul that made you dance and sing like no one was watching, the people you love and that love you so much, the unexpected gifts and help….
There is always a balance in life that never forgets. After pain (even the one that seemed eternal) there is healing. It is part of this journey to move through these opposites, to remember that in the end is all an illusion, that we carry within the light and darkness created by Goddess and our sole/soul mission is going back to Source, where there are no others, no opposites and we are One.
Many Blessings
Michela xo
© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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