From my husband

The moment I realize the Divine Masculine beside me sees more than I think …. This is from my husband and so I am not going to sign it. Yes, I wrote it while he was explaining to me what he said to his colleague. I simply wrote down his words for me…
Some days ago, one of my husband’s colleagues asked him what I do. She seemed fascinated by my path and Dimi tried to explain what it is. But to my surprise, he also went on to explain the real life of a healer. He talked to her about the experiences a healer has to move through, the things people don’t always see (or they do not want to see). He explained that the path, healers walk, is amazing but not an easy one. Healers move cyclically from the most ecstatic joy to the deepest sorrow of a dark night of the soul. He talks to her about the work and healing behind any appointment session, the constant self-healing probably done at night while the world sleeps. But for many healers that is the only free time after a long and busy day of family commitments and work. Healers do not work from intention only, they do the work that needs to be done.
People don’t realize how much a healer gives up doing this work, the sacrifices they have to make, the hard work to push themselves beyond triggers, limits and fears, the pain they endure so that they can understand your pain. They journey into their wounds to heal, accept and love themselves more everyday, so that that they can see and love the Divine in everything and everyone.
It takes courage to endure not only the pain but the resistances of the ego, the judgmental mockery of those who think they are charlatans and those who think healers have a glamorous life and they must give treatments for free (even though they offer free help too). The call of a healer is strong and resilient. They live from their womb and their heart. Healers work by empowering the seeker. He explains to her how I always say that, in every encounter with a healer, you’ll feel guided, loved, sometimes pushed and triggered but healers always encourage you to dive in the depths of your being so that you can find healing, love and wisdom within yourself. They don’t take credits for your healing and they encourage you and support you along the healing way. 

From my husband to me

© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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