Heart Message 3 – Womb

I was sitting at a dart station waiting for the train to bring me back home. Suddenly, an impulse raising from within made me look at all the women standing around me and they were all beautiful.

I kept looking around at the ladies on the platforms waiting for their train, and I could see them clearly as if I was looking at them for the first time. I could feel their power and strength, the love from their heart and wisdom of their womb. I could see through the layers of everyday life and see Goddess in all of them…and they were all magical, beautiful and powerful in their own way.

In that moment I knew that the Sisterhood wounds that divide us can be healed, that we are no longer slaves of a damaged ego, that we are more than a Divine Human.

And I could sense my heart and womb expanding because in that moment of bliss, I could see beyond Sisterhood to the place within us where we are Her, the Great Mother, the Creatrix, the Source of all Existence.

Love you All.



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