Dea Venere (Goddess Venus) came to me on a summer morning in Italy. I was standing where Her temple used to be at the times of Ancient Rome. Her energy unfolded me like a mantle made of thousands white rose petals. That was the image I was getting and the fragrance I was feeling, while my body was shaking in Her loving and intense vibration. She is the Goddess of Love, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, prosperity, prostitution and victory.

I already shared a bit of that experience when it happened back in August: “I always tried to visit Portovenere and this summer I succeeded. Thank you Goddess, I’m Blessed. Portovenere is a coastal town in Liguria on the north west coast of Italy. It’s a Unesco world heritage area. The name Portovenere comes from Portus Veneris, the name refers to a temple dedicated to Goddess Venus that was situated on the promontory where the church of Peter the Apostle now stands. Yesterday I walked up to the promontory but my feet kept pushing me, I followed the invisible yet powerful force and I stopped in this little church dedicated to the White Madonna. I entered and Her altar was at the end of the right smaller nave of the Church. I stood still I don’t know for how long. The energy was off the charts, my body was shaking and a beautiful smell of roses suddenly surrounded me…..”

That day a very ancient energy awoke inside my being. I didn’t fully grasp the magnitude of that experience, but I knew that something powerful was happening in every woman’s womb.

When I am in Her presence I can sense this strong sensual energy and She shows me how Her magic (our magic) creates sacred union between our Yin and Yang energies. She teaches us how to reconnect with our Holy of Holies, our centre of gravity, our wisdom…. Our Womb. She awakens the flame of passion and love within, to remind us of the great power we hold in our belly, the power that transforms, heals and balances any energy that we hold inside of us and see all around us. She tells us everyday (even if we don’t hear Her) that to heal this world we need to empower women, that our wombs are the key to bring forth the healing this world needs.

She is here to remind us that women heal from their Womb and that from our Womb we heal All.


© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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