Heart Message 2 – Voice

Many awakenings are happening in this world. We are living on the threshold between old and new, courage and love are rising from within, making their presence known in our beings. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. You feel it within you like a pressure on your heart, as if you are trapped in a cage and you want to be free. You want your voice heard.

This is not a time to rest and watch from afar, or to hide. This is the time to rise! And if you fall, you don’t give up anymore, you know you are learning along the way and every fall is just a teaching moment. You know and feel with every fiber of your being that so much is at stake and that you are stronger than any challenge or fear on the way to discover yourself.

So, don’t be afraid and let’s hear your voice because your voice is not just yours, it is the voice of thousands of men and women that came before you. It is the voice of your ancestors embedded in your DNA, it is the voice of Spirit, it is the voice of Nature that runs through your veins, it is the voice of those that cannot speak, and it is the voice of your essence as a Divine Human on this Earth.

Let’s hear it now and feel its power rising from within.

Michela Sborchia

© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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