Awakening Medusa

“There is nothing safe about me… you want to know yourself? Then follow me to the abyss of your being..” Goddess Medusa (through Michela)

Many years ago, between my teens and adult years I had strange and powerful dreams. At the time, I was dreaming of powerful energies and different realities almost every night. I didn’t know what all that meant. I wasn’t walking my spiritual path and I was very much caught in the drama of life. I usually forget my dreams, but those of that time long past, are still embedded in my memory as a trigger point, or an alarm clock if you will and every time I think of them, a primordial and ancient energy stirs up within me. These dreams are like clarion calls from my spirit, to urge me to keep moving deeper within me. At first, I feared those visions and realities, because growing up in Catholic Italy, my consciousness was filled with fears of the unknown and fear of my own power, a woman’s power.

With the time and the deep healing I have been experiencing, things started to gradually change, and my fears became a list of things to do, so that I could be free. And if you are asking, NO I haven’t mastered my fears, I still have them but every day I try not to let these fears decide for me anymore. In the past, I assumed that courageous people don’t feel fear. Then one day I read the famous quote: “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it…” and then I understood. I’ll always have fears, because they are part of the human paradigm. But as a Divine Human I have the power to feel my fears, face them and set myself free.

One of those dreams was so bizarre that I embedded it in the tapestry of my retrievable memory. It slowly descended into my unconscious and then deeper beyond that, to wake up my soul so that I could start remembering. In the dream, I was on my way to see an Oracle to have a Tarot reading. I was walking up the outside stairs leading to the main door, when out of the blue a snake (that looked like an asp) jumped on my arm and bit me on my left hand. I screamed for the pain I was feeling and then I looked at the bite on my hand. The bite created an open wound and from this wound a flower started to grow. I can’t remember the type of flower, but I remember the feeling that it looked delicate but in truth it was very strong.

Looking back throughout my life, I can see how I had many snake visitations both in the dream world and in the awakened one. A small viper snake almost bit me once and as dramatic as it may sound (and I am not joking) it happened outside a cemetery while I was visiting my ancestors. Another visitation happened on a spring day, many years ago. I encountered a beautiful ancient snake on a hill under an olive tree. I was running down the hill to reach the shore of the lake when suddenly there She was coiled up in the sun looking through me as if saying “I see you, even if you can’t see yourself yet”. And so, the Serpent was slowly making Her presence known, in dreams, visions, encounters. But what all that meant, I didn’t know…. Yet.

When I was a teenager, I used to like the ancient myths. One day, I was reading about the myth of Medusa and when she was decapitated by the sword of Perseus (symbol of a patriarchal world), I felt a deep sadness for her. I didn’t understand why, but I felt like a horrible injustice had been perpetuated through the centuries at the expenses of this woman. Then many years later, I was receiving a healing from a friend and she said to me: “Your hair looks like Medusa”. I closed my eyes and there She was, staring at me from the abyss of my being. She finally made Her presence known, and She wasn’t what I expected Her to be. Am I ready? I suppose I am, or She wouldn’t have shown Herself in Her full Power to me. Maybe in the past I would have asked why me. I don’t do that anymore. I am her and She is me.

I see Medusa in every woman on this earth. I see Her in women who acknowledge Her, in women who are afraid of Her, in women who ignore her and in women who don’t even know of Her existence. She is in every woman! She is in our voices, souls and stories. Do not silence Her, let Her speak loud and clear from the source of who you are.

Medusa is not a Monster but the deep ancient wisdom of the Womb that deeply connects us to the natural cycles of the Earth, to the wisdom of the Goddess and Her triple power: creation, maintenance, and destruction or life, death and rebirth or mother maiden and crone (however you see creation). When She comes to me, Medusa asks me to listen to the heartbeat of my womb, the sound that creates, destroys and keeps everything in balance, so that I can reclaim that ancient power that was lost along the centuries. She asks me to journey deeper and deeper every day, in that powerful energy that dwells in the deepest part of my womb, where there is darkness and silence, where the Serpent sits waiting for me to embrace Her and Her wisdom. The tongues of Her snakes tell me the Truth, without veils and without judgment. Her eyes will turn my false self into stone so it can crumble in little pieces. She asks me the hard questions, the ones that make me feel vulnerable. She wants me to come into my full power. There is nothing safe about Her energy, She is the Force within and without that destroys all that limits me. She is the Goddess looking through me without mercy but with deep love. She is life and death, sexual energy, creative power, revealer of hidden truths, destroyer, healer and the natural cycles of the earth. She wants me to heal every sisterhood wound I hold inside my womb. Working with Goddess Medusa is like falling from a cliff. You either embrace the journey, trust and jump without knowing or thinking where it’s going to end. Because you see, there is no end to this journey. We are triple Goddesses that bring forth life death and rebirth. We are the cycles of the natural world in all Her different forms and when we embrace that we’ll move beyond into the un-remembered where all starts, all ends, and all is.

This is a call to all women to embrace our full power, wisdom and love. This is the time to reclaim all of who we are as women, sisters, mothers and Goddesses in action on earth.

Michela Sborchia

© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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