A heart to heart talk with myself…

I was about to write down “at the risk of being unpopular”, then I stopped myself. Do I really care what people think of me? ​Not really, and I do feel that humanity needs a big reality check. I know that some people will simply turn their noses up and avoid the long read… what can I say? In some circles I am already very unpopular. I wasn’t born to be liked, I came here to shake things up. I know others will be deeply offended by it and some of you will probably realize that YES HUMANITY MUST STOP FOOLING AROUND AND DO A BIG HONEST REALITY CHECK!

Why? Because:

-We call each other brothers and sisters but we do despicable things to one another.

-We preach to others that we must be more “Light and Love” (whatever that means) but attack those who believe in the shadow.

-We profess the doctrine of positive thinking but hate ourselves and badmouth others for having negative feelings.

-We say we are pro-life but we use bombs to kill those that believe in pro-choice.

-We say we want the freedom to express our sexuality but abuse and kill those who are actually doing it.

-We claim that we must heal our grief but as the dark emotions associated with it show up we feel we are not healing and give up and tell those that grieving to just get over it.

-We preach compassion and forgiveness, but we cannot forgive ourselves and be compassionate towards other living beings.

-We listen to billionaires, the rich and famous preaching love and light, positive thinking, and the need to stand up against injustice but we turn our head when someone who lost everything asks for help.

-We teach energy healing, we call our-selves mystics and spiritual teachers but if someone needs help and support we look the other way because we don’t want to dwell in another person’s negativity.

-We say I love you to each-other, but it only lasts until the other person has a different point of view and doesn’t agree with us.

-We say that we are spiritual beings capable of great love, but we “lovingly” show up only in the lives of those we can exploit.

-We say we are all the same but turn our noses up to those that we consider not important or not famous enough.

-We preach love for all living beings, but we are abusing animals and destroying the earth.

-We subscribe to online campaigns because we are outraged, and we want to speak up but then we turn a blind eye when we see someone on the street suffering and asking for help ……

And the list continues.

Humanity, this is the year we MUST wake up and truly see! Are we going to pretend we are doing what we are doing to change ourselves and the world? Or is it going to be the year when we finally sit down and have an honest heart to heart talk with ourselves?

Do you want this year to be memorable? Than I dare you to sit with yourself and truly see!

I’ll definitely do that!


© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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