Journeying with God

Luke 17:21 – “…The kingdom of God is within you…”

The Nag Hammadi Library – Gospel of Thomas: “…the (Father’s) Kingdom is within you and it is outside you. When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are children of the living Father…….”

Although the SuperSoul, appears to be divided, He is never divided. He is situated as one.’ – Bhagavad Gita Chap 13, verse 17

‘The man whose self is disciplined in yoga, whose perception is the same everywhere, sees himself in all creatures and all creatures in himself.’ – Bhagavad Gita 6:29

‘Man is my mystery and I am his mystery, for I Am He Himself and He is also I myself’…. “…’Whoever knows himself knows God’…” Muhammad, Hadith Qudsi


The purpose of humanity is God-Realization and journeying with God is an every- day Love affair. We never move away from God as God is inside of us. We may feel detachment and we may be manipulated by the illusion but journeying with God means moving within.

In fact, if we want to live a spiritual life we simply need a profound need to meet God within (and then all around us) and the willingness to truly know ourselves.

In a world so divided by fear, we have become spiritually and emotionally blind. We don’t see that in every single experience God is guiding us, God is within us and all around us.

This was one of the most profound lessons I have lived by experiencing God: that everything is within.

Every single experience is Divinely orchestrated to slowly awaken us from the slumber we fell into the moment we descended in our mother’s womb. Life on earth conditions us to see everything outside of ourselves and so when it comes to us, we think that what we see (outside of ourselves) we are, and that what we feel in others is something we need to address in ourselves. We have become so detached from the inner realm that we keep looking outside for some sort of confirmation for what we feel within or what we need to heal or surrender. And even if these teaching might have some merit, I think we have taken it too literally.  The teachings that our issues and darkness manifest in others -so that we can address it- can be a dangerous path that will lead us into the pit of illusion and separation even more.


If life on earth as we know it, it’s just a dream why do we keep believing what we see through the limited lens of our human eyes? Are we what we see? Or is what we see just a distraction to keep us separated from each-others and ourselves?


Oblivion and separation are programs that we chose to experience when we came to live as human beings. They are not part of our true self, our essence. They are just codes to help us experience the dividedness. When we awake, we start realizing that the illusion of the outside world is deeply embedded in the tapestry of life, that to release ourselves from the stitches, we need to take one thread and start pulling, to unlock the mystery behind the design. This is not an easy task, because what we unravel is not just the design, but our lives too.

Awakening can be painful, if we are very attached to the outer world. When we learn how to live and love without attachments then it becomes an easier journey.

From a human perspective to feel that much needed closeness with God, we tend to seek Him in places and people that to us feels Divine, outside of ourselves, because with the passing time we forgot everything, and mainly who we truly are. We seek God high up on the Himalayas, deep down in the Jungle, across the deserts, in temples and churches. We look for God in the people that saved us and in those we admire, in Gurus and teachers, in the humblest of places, among the homeless people and those who are suffering. We know God is within and yet we keep looking outside of ourselves.

The image of God is preconceived in our intellect and our subconscious. We think that a Guru is God, because to us he is deeply connected and profoundly spiritual. We also see God in the soul of a homeless, because we see humbleness in the eyes of a beggar, and we feel that God is humble. Or we see Him in the eyes of the Beloved because that love we feel for him is so powerful, consuming, empowering, it is All.

After many lessons and experiences, I have learnt that the image of God is just an image, what matters is how we feel within. We can look for God within or without, we can use images that make us feel closers to Him. It doesn’t really matter how He looks like or where we think He is, what matter is that we must remember that God is within.

To me Journey with God is every-day life. It is the trivial things and the big experiences. It is the experience of Him within me, through my actions and my words, even in those moments that to someone may seem unholy. It is the profound sexual alchemy that my entire being resounds to when I am with my Beloved. God is always inside of me, when I am cleaning my home or kneeling in compassion and chanting my mantras, when I experience rage or profound Joy.

We hold within the Light and Darkness created by God to awaken us to our true potential.

But we must remember that we are more than the experience of duality that it’ll ultimately lead us to liberation.

Michela Sborchia

© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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