Did we get it all wrong? Part 3

We are living in the illusion that we are separate from each-other, in a world where duality seems to be the constant. We assume that life and death are two different experiences, that pain and joy are different energies and that love and fear are two different powers. When we finally wake up from this dream state reality, we start moving beyond duality,  beyond light and darkness, back home to Source.


This is by far the hardest thing I had to write. Even if I experienced it first hand, it is not an easy subject to approach. I do not want to diminish the way anyone feels. I write from my heart. But I sit and stare at my laptop asking myself how on earth am I going to approach this subject. I feel a bit apprehensive as my mind is trying to control the process, even though deep within I know this is not about me. But the mind always thinks ahead and the fear of how this blog post will be received makes me a little nervous. So, as I usually do, I let Spirit help me write and I surrender to whatever it’ll happen…. Or at least I try.


This divine seed was planted within me many years ago. As soon as the little glimpse showed up, I knew I had to experience it directly to fully comprehend it. I didn’t have the aha moment but a little earthquake moved through me. After the initial glimpse, I moved through many lessons and recently after yet another interesting event, the hidden knowledge of the Wounds of Life & Karma came flooding from my soul.

These teachings come from Spirit and they have showed up in my life through great learning experiences. It is not my intention to be disrespectful towards those who teach how to heal the emotional, mental, spiritual wounds (or whatever wound means to you). I am simply giving you an account of my experiences and the teachings that followed.


Please always remember that everything is energy and Karma is simply the energy moving and shaping according to our choices: For every action there is equal and opposite reaction…. Karma is neither good nor bad. Energy is just energy, the way we use the energy helps the mind define the energy.


This is me up to January 2017:

We all know that human beings move through life experiencing and learning about many things. We all have different journeys that sometimes cross path. We meet and we share our success stories (mainly) and if we are courageous enough our failure stories too.

We do not usually share the failures because it is easy to show up into the world with beautiful images and stories of perfection but it is another thing to show up naked, vulnerable, the way we truly feel (not necessarily the way we truly are). Not all days are beautiful and not everything we do works out perfectly, like the times we got bitten up by fate, knocked down by pride and failed in our personal and work life. You know, the times when we feel so miserable that we can hardly move or speak.

These are the stories we avoid telling, but these are the stories that made us grow.


What if for a change we stop pretending that all is well and tell the real stories of how sometimes, we find this life too hard. We can start from the failure stories and then move to the success stories. We learn so much from our experiences, and by sharing how our life is, we can help someone else. We never know who is going to listen.

I used to tell myself that this world was too much for me, that I could not cope with the pain and fear of everyday life. And then, in an attempt to cope with it, I started to tell myself that I Am too much for this world. Either way, I was trying to survive and I was missing my life. I felt miserable but I wanted to feel Free, Joyful, Present, Connected and in Love.

It took me years to finally accept the ups and downs that life inevitably brings. By accepting and surrendering to the ebbs and flows of the energy, I changed the way I look at life.

Through the emotional and/or physical abuse, we endure, we learn that healing our wounds can be a tough choice. Sometimes it is easier to avoid the healing and pretend that all is well. We create an image for the world to see and we hide from ourselves and others the reality of what it means to truly access and heal the wounds of life.


But little did I know!


This is me now:

My approach to the healing of my wounds has changed drastically this year.

We often hear that to heal, we must journey into our wounds many times before the healing process can truly start. So, I stopped pretending that all was well (which is a good thing) and I decided to reconnect with ALL the scars on my soul. I opened them one after the other like portals and I started to slowly travel inside each one, descending in to the darkness, to the source of it all.

But with the passing time and after many journeys, I started to feel that I was looking at the Wounds of Life in the wrong way. I started to feel that the more I was picking at my scars, the less healing I received. It may sound weird but I honestly felt that I was not doing this to heal at all. And so, I had another glimpse of this divine seed.

It took me years to get to the point of honestly facing what I was feeling and not because I did not want to travel to the source of my pain (That I did! Multiple times). I wanted to understand why it felt so wrong now to keep pocking at the wounds of my life.

And so, I started to think about our physical body. When we want to heal a wound, we do not constantly pick at it. We give the wound time to scar and to heal, with some needed TLC. We can use a western approach by using medication and if we are lucky we also approach the healing holistically and we don’t just focus on the scar on our skin but the whole body and our soul too.

After too many journeys into my wounds, I felt tired and depleted of energy. I kept revisiting the same wounds and expect a different outcome every time. Then I started to realize that to constantly process and to travel into the wounds of life has become an automatic thing for many, because this is what we hear every day: “you must have the courage to look at your wounds and travel into the wound to fully heal”.

I don’t mean that we should avoid the healing and pretend that all is peaches and dandelions, Far From That!

But what if by perpetrating this painful journey, we don’t give ourselves a chance to heal?

What if by constantly picking at the scars, we keep opening our wounds without giving them time to scar and heal?

What if this old paradigm way of looking at the wounds of life, is creating deeper wounds, distortion, separation instead of wholeness?

I started to sense disempowerment. Paradoxically, I felt that the teachings on how to heal and access the wounds of life were coming from the fear we have to truly heal.

I decided to detach myself from this old way of healing as I was seeing the useless drama, division, and fear that it was creating in my personal life.

Do I really need to feel bad and in pain so that I can heal? Am I perpetrating an unnecessary karma game by constantly picking at my scars?

 By focusing on our humanity so much, we forgot how divine we are, how much power we have and that we can heal and create in the blink of an eye. So, why we keep focusing on the wounds that keep us entrapped in the karma cage? Where each bar that keeps us from freedom is a wound we never cease to revisit. 

Once you have acknowledged the wound and blessed it with the healing balm of God and Goddess, let the wound be and let it bathe in the healing Love of your Spirit. 

You don’t have to hide it or pretend it is not there. I am simply saying that after you have acknowledged it, surrender it to God or Goddess (however you see creation), let it heal. If it needs to be acknowledged again, the universe will make it happen. We don’t have to keep focusing on the wounds repeatedly. 

We don’t need to constantly pick at the scars and re-live the pain that comes with it. You have acknowledged your wound and now it is time to heal.

Instead, we continuously close ourselves from the outside world to travel into these wounds and process. When we open the scar and journey into the wound, are we truly healing ourselves OR are we using this as an excuse from surrendering to Spirit even more? Are we looking at the wounds of life from our ego or from our Spirit?

When we Surrender, we surrender all that we have and all that we are, wounds included.

I feel that by focusing on the wound, we don’t focus on the healing and we keep ourselves imprisoned in the karma world and separate from Spirit. We keep instigating the pain, the anger and delusion (or however you are feeling). We focus on the painful side of it and we keep doing it every time we are told we are not healing and that what happened is our fault. How many times do we need to acknowledge the anger and focus on it? Do we want to fixate on the illness or search for a cure?

Creation of wounds leads to creation of Karma because we keep accessing pain and react to it. But Karma is part of an old paradigm and as we move beyond the illusion of this world, we are also moving beyond karma. All that we know about wounds and scars is changing and it can be challenging at first. And Karma is not something that will eventually happen. Everything is speeding up now. When we do or say something, we have an automatic reaction to the energy we express, because we do not need to create Karma anymore, the lesson is instant and quickly absorbed. There is no more wait and see, the moment is now.


And so, while I was feeling into the wounds of life, I got to experience a new way of healing.

When I surrender to Spirit, I surrender all that I Am and all that I have, including my wounds, including my suffering.

I experienced pain, loss and judgment too. I know how it feels to be toyed with, abused, manipulated and disrespected on multiple levels. I know that the loss of a loved one can be a difficult experience. It is not my intention to diminish how you feel. On the contrary, I know how challenging this subject is. My intention is to simply show you that we do not have to suffer anymore.  And I know heartache, because in the last 10 years I had to say goodbye to people I deeply Loved. I know the pain that comes from it. It feels like your soul is receiving the five stigmata of Christ. I am not taking this subject lightly, as I know how it feels to be constantly in pain.

But through my life experiences, I learnt that when I surrender all that I AM, I automatically surrender all that I have.

I can be fully present in my Joy, connected with the world and always feel in Love. I can walk on this earth as a pure vessel for Spirit and finally do what I came here to accomplish.

And I know it is easier said than done, but I simply ask you to try, if you feel called to, nothing more. And even if you get a glimpse of it, you know that it can be done.

We all know that as humans, we are dual. We are both the Light and Darkness created by God. When we deal with any wounds, we tend to exacerbate the fear and any emotion, feeling of pain that comes with it. We play the duality game and we get trapped into the cage.

 The point of everything is to go beyond duality, to the Source of All.

 We must stop searching for a healing or a cure. Instead, we should prevent suffering in all its forms.

I know (and I am sure of it) that we all felt this surrendering, even if it was for few seconds.

Healing means surrendering to the mystery of this life, to feel deep within us that suffering and healing are just 2 sides of the same coin and that we don’t need to be that coin anymore. We must go back to Source, where the coin was forged, that’s all.


Michela Sborchia

© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 


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