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First Published on May 9th, 2015

Updated on January 24th 2020

I am aware that for some people this post can be seen as controversial. My intention for writing this piece, it is simply to share my ideas on why energy healing cannot be put in a box with a label, contained and restricted from change. It comes from my 20 experience of work with energy and it is my view on it. Some people will agree with me and other will disagree and I am more than fine with that. No matter what your opinion is on this subject, I invite you to read to the end of this blog post before you adhere to a preconceived idea of what I am about to say.  Enjoy!

In 2000, I became aware of a world completely different from the one I grew up in. It was made of energy and spirits, it didn’t have restrictions and felt fresh, new and free. My introduction to the world of energy healing (as it often happens) arrived because I wasn’t well.When conventional medicine failed me, I turned to what is called alternative or holistic. I discovered many beautiful therapies through the years and I decided to learn some of the techniques to use on myself.

When I started to learn about Reiki and other modalities, I saw straight away how different people would respond to energy healing in different ways. It was clear from the beginning that the experience of giving, receiving and teaching energy healing is very much a Unique Experience. We go through different life lessons and experiences, we heal in different ways and at different times. Energy works through each one of us in a very unique way.

Please note that it is not my intention to offend anyone that believes in the value of regulating Reiki or other modalities, I simply feel deep in my heart that to regulate an energy is not for me, because to me Energy cannot be caged, classified, boxed and labelled. But I do respect other points of view and I hope you’ll respect mine. Energy to me represents freedom and to put a set of rules to control how Reiki is taught and practiced doesn’t make any sense to me. I am mentioning Reiki here just to name one and because it is the most popular energy healing.

I have never believed that Energy Healing should be regulated by a state or an organization. Why? Because too many structures can limit who could practice Reiki, or dictate how Reiki is to be taught and practiced, and take away the freedom we enjoy in practicing it. I feel that trying to put energy healing in a box with unnecessary rules, defies the meaning and purpose of Reiki and all other energy healing modalities around the world.

That is why now, after so many years of practice, I simply remove the self from the healing process, to become a vessel for the Divine Love Energy. By doing so, the healees can bathe in that energy to bring forth deep healing and transformation, if they surrender and allow themselves to receive.



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