Divine Masculine Part 2

One day in May, I was walking in Dublin city center when suddenly something started to feel very different. I was in the middle of a shop in a busy part of town. The hustle and bustle of Dublin city center kind of makes it difficult to focus but this time I was not thinking. I was helping my beloved finding something he needed. I was present from him. Suddenly, I looked around me and saw the Divine Masculine in all His beautiful forms. I saw with my heart not with eyes. I felt His energy, His Divinity and His Humanity and I felt great Compassion for this Energy that it is often misunderstood and manipulated.

And while everything around me was moving so fast, I could see them all! I started to feel into my heart this energy and how often I have distrusted him and denied Him love… But  now I could feel His True nature hidden behind faces, bodies, ages, projections, trauma and pain.

Women often feel and see the male energy as the energy who abused us, manipulated us and caused us pain. But today, Divine Masculine I see your True Nature and I bow to your Strength, Courage and Love.

Men have always been seen as the warriors and protectors, provider, defender, knight,  performer, the one that must stand tall and strong at all times. They have also been labelled abusers, egotistical and misogynistic. All of these energies are heavy to carry and it must often feel like a heavy burden on a man’s shoulders, and I am sorry. How difficult it must be to block your connection to your deepest feelings because you had to live up to our expectations, and a preconceived ideas.

But now, I looked at you and I see you, Sacred Masculine. You are so close to me. And I look at God beside me, the one that still holds my hand (after so many years together) when we walk and we talk, that sacrifices himself so that I can walk my path.

To the Divine Masculine in all his forms, I extend and stretch my arms to you so that I can hug you and keep you close to my womb-heart, to nurture you back to life.

I apologies for giving you so little while expecting so much of you.


©  Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out: Contact


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