Did we get it all wrong? Part 1 of 3

I don’t know where I am going with this yet…. It’s a glimpse of something that it has brewing in me. I do apologies if I offend you, it is not my intention. I am simply trying to write down into words something that it’s still very difficult to write because it is in new to me too. But It is essential for me to write everything down so that I can ground whatever energy is coming forth. And here we go…
We all know that Truth can be very uncomfortable to hear and to accept. And so, we keep looking towards the wrong direction because as painful as it may be, it is very familiar. Our human mind loves rules, regulations, comfort and familiarity. We tend to hide from the light of Truth and seek refuge in the shadow of the comfortable familiarity that prevents us from looking for the unknown, unfamiliar, new, exciting and original…. But what if there is something else that prevents us from expanding, growing and be who we truly are? When I feel into it I see how, our Beings are filled and cluttered with so much energy and information from this life and “past” lives, that there’s no space for anything new to be seeded nurtured and grown. In our search for wisdom, knowledge, freedom, truth, ourselves and God (or whatever you are looking for) … we do not truly realize that we are only looking for confirmation of old ideas, concepts, thoughts, feelings learnt through our experiences (of this life and past lives). When we read something or we hear someone talk, we are almost automatically driven to look for what confirms what we already feel or know…. How many times we hear ourselves and others say: “This confirms what I have been feeling” or “it resonates with me…” …… Are we getting it all wrong? What if the Divine is not here to confirm our feelings and ideas but to simply stretch us out in new directions so that we can release old patterns, outdated ideas and clear the clutter so that we can free the soul and mind to give birth to and receive new information and teachings? In my own personal experience, this happens when a sparkle of Divine Light gets seeded within me and I have a glimpse of it. Then I completely forget about it until a long time later, when the new teaching is strong enough to show up into the world. Maybe I have it all wrong… who knows?! But When I look around I see the same old ideas wrapped up in a new fancy paper or I see new things used and explained with the same old narrative (except for a few). There is a deep need for change and we cannot bring this change into the world with old paradigm ways of teachings. We still have a lot of work to do!
When I look back at history, I see the loneliness and difficulties that the greatest minds of different generations had to move through in search for the NEW and the struggle to bring it forth. So, I can understand the apprehension when something completely new is revealed to us. Truth is that there is no renewal or growth without destruction (as Lord Shiva would say). So, releasing and destroying what is old and outdated can simply mean to make space for something new. It is the very teaching of energy that you cannot accumulate indefinitely. There will be a time to release and destroy all that stands in the way of a new life. Destruction is such a ugly word. It always brings up negative feelings and ideas. But destruction out of Love can be a Divine Gift. It doesn’t have to be traumatic. It can be blissful too. So, this thing we do, the seeking for confirmation it may not be such a good idea anymore. And how do we stop ourselves from doing so? I don’t have the answer to this question yet. But maybe with the intention of freeing our mind and soul from old outdated concepts and ideas, we are taking the first step….. END OF PART ONE…..

Michela Sborchia

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